Truffes au cacao cru

Well, I have to tell you, these little things can be pretty addictive and I know one or two people who are truffles monsters…
The festive season is the time of the year when truffles are in the spotlight. So here is a raw version that will satisfy your sweet tooth without damaging your health, only if you don’t eat too many :)

The main ingredient is of course: the food of the gods aka Raw cacao! ( see my previous post about the amazing benefits of Raw cacao:

It’s beautiful isn’t it? I love Cacao, the pods are beautiful, the colors are so vibrant and I like that they grow right in the jungle among coffee tree and vanilla trees. If you want to learn more about the cacao I love visit the website :

So to make these little piece of heaven, you will need the following:

50g of melted cacao butter, shredded

50g of melted coconut oil ( extra virgin and organic of course!!!!)

60 g of nut butter ( almond, cashew or hazelnut)

60g of raw cacao powder

30 g of raw cacao nibs

3T of agave syrup

1 vanilla bean, scraped or 1 t of natural extract

1 T of coffee extract (the best one is medecine flower extract, if you using that one two drops are enough, according to your taste)

First, you need to melt the cacao butter and coconut oil. In a bowl pour some water that has boiled, put the cacao butter in an another bowl and place it on top of the water, allow to melt.  Do the exact same for the coconut oil.

Mix the two liquids with the nut butter, the vanilla, the coffee extract  and the agave in a blender at medium speed. Add the cacao nibs and blend at medium speed.

Finally add the cacao and blend more.

Pour in a bowl, and allow to harden. At this time of the year, I leave outside for a few minutes (it depends of course on where you live.)

The idea is for the cacao butter and coconut oil to solidify but not to be rock hard, otherwise you will not be able to roll them.

My technic consists of, scooping a little amount, preform it as a ball and then roll it in the palms of my hands. Then I coat them in raw cacao powder (coco powder works well too but without the coffee extract then).

You may have to wash your hands quite a few times during the process. My tip is to finish rinsing your hands with cold water.

You can keep your truffles up to one month in a dry, dark and not too warm place.

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